Stewardship Statement. The stewardship statement adopted by the Rector and Vestry is:

All that we are, all that we have, are gifts from God We are stewards of these gifts the time, talent and treasure that God has entrusted to our care. In thanksgiving we joyously return a portion of these giftsto God Stewardship is our response to the baptismal covenant to minister to others, to spread the good news and to further God’skingdom on Earth.

Stewardship at Church of the Advent is neither a season nor a specific new but a Lifetime commitment to Christ.

We, the Rector and Vestry of Church of the Advent, endorse proportional giving of our time talent and treasure to God and the spread of God’s kingdom, and we adopt proportional giving as our own personal statement of stewardship.

 Stewardship Activities. In the fall of each year, the need for Christian stewardship is examined at a church-wide family dinner, small groups meetings, church services, and individual conferences.

All members are then asked to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the gifts that God has entrusted to their care, and to return a portion of their bounty to God through a time, talent and treasure pledge to Advent. New members are asked to pledge upon transferring their memberships to Church of the Advent.