Church of the Advent Episcopal Nashville, TN About Us


Our Mission Statement

Disciples making Disciples through the strength and guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we strive to bring the Good News of Christ Crucified not only to the members of our Parish community but also to the wider community where we live. We support our ministry through prayerful stewardship of our time, talent and treasure.

Our mission is to recognize and remember God in our daily lives and to remove the barriers that separate people from the knowledge and love of Him.

In support of our mission and as Disciples, we:

Join others in committing to Christ. We are joined to the body of Christ. We are joined to the body of Christ through baptism. Our Baptismal Covenant outlines what we believe and what we promise to do.

Worship together. We come together as a family to worship God, to praise God, to hear God’s word, to offer prayer and to receive the sacraments. Through avenues such as music and singing, we, the community of believers, praise God and rejoice in God’s love.

Know the Bible. We ground our spiritual lives in Biblical teaching. We provide opportunities to learn the Bible and to apply it to our lives.

Embrace spirituality. We strive to discover by prayer, study, service and fellowship the nature of God’s love. We offer opportunities through programs and small groups to become involved and exercise our gifts and talents.

Practice stewardship. In gratitude and as set out in the Bible, we give back a portion of our time and money to nurture our Church family and the world around us. We recognize that keeping commitments enhances the church’s mission and failing to do so hinders it.